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Brand Activation

Brand Activation

The way we see it, brands should be about doing. About achieving a result. Changing a perception. Generating leads. Selling a product. Motivating positive action, while creating long-term brand equity.

We call it Brand Activation.

Typically, Brand Activation is a four-step process.

  1. Understand your brand at a molecular level: The target market. The competitive environment. Its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, character and personality.
  2. Develop a plan. One that’s thoroughly thought through and meticulously spelled out.
  3. Bring as many disciplines to bear as practical. Advertising. Public Relations. Graphic design. Social media.
  4. Experiential events. All following a unified strategy.  All built around a shared creative platform. All working together, to create maximum impact.

Follow through, measure and assess. Accountability is a hallmark of Macy + Associates.

It’s a process that works. Whether we’re launching a brand (that is, building it from the ground up). Or at any stage of your brand’s life.

As Kim Macy puts it: “Macy + Associates’ Brand Activation process has two primary objectives: One, to foster a loyal customer base for our clients, whether they’re in hospitality, residential real estate, professional services, consumer products or commercial real estate. Two, to motivate positive action that benefits their bottom-line results.”

“The communication tools employed in the brand activation process can expand over time and are dependent upon the client and their product. The campaigns we develop are insightful, creative, relevant and elastic – expanding or contracting depending upon a Client’s goals and timeframe, and on the types of communication tactics employed.”