Brookfield Office Properties

Downtown Los Angeles, California

Macy + Associates was retained by Brookfield Office Properties to spearhead a strategic public and media relations program to maximize the rebranding and renovation of the company’s 330,000-square-foot Downtown Los Angeles shopping center to a new landmark status as: FIGat7th. The shopping center’s $40 million renovation was the largest retail investment in Downtown Los Angeles in 20 years. FIGat7th would ultimately fill a void in a vibrant district that had seen an influx of residential, entertainment, cultural, restaurant and hospitality venues, and yet still lacked any significant local retail establishment to serve the growing population.

To succeed in this effort, the team knew it would need to not only highlight the significant investment in modernization; but more importantly, educate high-end retailers on the Renaissance occurring in Downtown Los Angeles and the area’s pent up and strong demand for shopping – from quality fashion, to groceries, household goods, and beyond – as the area had long been viewed as a 9 to 5 business district lacking a 24/7 population.

Once renovation was underway, Target agreed to a long-term, flagship lease to bring one of its inaugural City Target stores as its anchor tenant. This lease began the launch of a comprehensive and strategic public relations program beginning with a Mayoral press conference heralding the return of retail to Downtown.

From the opening of City Target and continuing today with the TASTE FIGat7th collection of chef-driven quick serve culinary options, to the signing of Zara, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, L’Occitane, to name a few, the public relations program continues to bring attention to FIGat7th’s pivotal role in redefining retail and dining in downtown Los Angeles.


  • Position the redevelopment of FIGat7th as a major investment in downtown Los Angeles that will bring positive change to the community and garner recognition for Brookfield Office Properties’ leadership role.
  • Develop confidence throughout the national retail community that downtown Los Angeles is a viable market for their goods and products.
  • Eliminate confusion over the subtle rebranding of the mall from 7th+Fig to FIGat7th
  • Build consumer interest and anticipation for the arrival of FIGat7th
  • Support the opening of all retailers at FIGat7th and continue to build brand recognition of FIGat7th as a top-tier destination for contemporary retail and dining.


The public relations campaign for FIGat7th not only included a focus on regional Los Angeles media, but a national audience of business and trade publications targeting retailers and the retail real estate brokers who represent them. Further, the program focused on positioning the executive leaders of Brookfield Office Properties as thought leaders in the return of downtown Los Angeles to an enviable prominence through speaking engagements in front of key audiences.

From strategic press conferences introducing new tenants or local demographic studies, to key media briefings at retail industry trade shows and public speaking engagements, along with a consistent flow of strategic press releases, expert source pitching and extensive print and broadcast coverage, Macy + Associates actively engaged the media on behalf of FIGat7th. The campaign has garnered a positive brand perception for FIGat7th, and recognition for the center’s redevelopment as a key component to the future vitality of downtown Los Angeles.


Macy + Associates garnered significant, positive coverage of FIGat7th, its renovation vision, construction progress, and inaugural tenant openings, including City Target and a host of culinary concepts at TASTE FIGat7th. Coverage of the renovation program appeared across the spectrum of broadcast, print, online, and trade media, starting with a widely-covered ceremonial lease signing with City Target attended by the Mayor of Los Angeles and civic leaders, to the flagship store’s opening nearly 18 months later.

Since the strategic public relations program commenced, Macy + Associates secured more than 60 unique media placements in publications as diverse as the Los Angeles Times, Curbed, Eater, Zagat, Urban Daddy, Thrillist, and The Downtown News to, Shopping Center Business and Retail Traffic, along with extensive broadcast coverage on television and radio news programs including KABC, KNBC, KCBS, KCAL, KTLA, Fox, KNX 1070 am, and Univision. The campaign garnered significant media attention with new retailers signing on for space and opening their doors to great success throughout the center. The agency completed its highly-successful campaign and ongoing shopping center promotions are now handled onsite.