What is Brand Activation? And does it work?

There are so many buzzwords out in the advertising industry right now, and Brand Activation is one of them. But quite honestly, it’s a term with substance and embodies a macro strategy for agencies and their clients. A brand needs to be embraced by the consumer, or if it’s B2B, the clients of a particular company. In order to do so, it’s essential that a brand be authentic and resonate with its target audience of consumers and client companies. For instance, you can’t brand a collection agency as a reputable banking institution, and you can’t brand Oreos as a health food. A successful brand is honest, straightforward, and engaging.

Once you’ve established an authentic brand and brand message, the strategy of aligning all communications, graphics, advertising, experiential events and public relations messaging, generates ‘Brand Activation’. It’s the process whereby your consumer engages with the brand and thereby, the product or service. They identify with it; they want it; they act on it.

And ultimately, when employed strategically, Brand Activation benefits bottom-line results.