Unmasking Your Brand

Clearly, we live in difficult times. For a business, a brand, a product or a service, it’s imperative to communicate with clients, customers and the marketspace at large. According to a study published by Arlington Research and Media Frenzy Global, a third of U.S. consumers assume that if a business has gone quiet, it’s in financial trouble–and due to this, they likely won’t spend with them in the future. 

47% said they are desperate to hear about non-COVID-19 news.

The results aren’t surprising. If you don’t formulate and communicate your own narrative, your clients and customers will start making assumptions that could be detrimental to your future success. Social distance is vital for humans, but not so much for businesses. Some companies and business leaders think that it’s safer to be silent. Wait things out. Wait until the market turns before launching a communications campaign. But in fact, it demonstrates decisive leadership and strength to launch a campaign during challenging times. 

Demonstrate that your business is continuing to function at a high level, and that your company and/or service is essential to the marketplace. This doesn’t translate into insensitivity to the social environment and the economic hardships. Rather, it shows that you’re cognizant of the environment and compassionate to those struck by the virus. It proves that your business remains a vital component of the economy and your industry.

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