Communicate Authentically

In the current climate of mistrust, it is more imperative than ever for corporations to be authentic when marketing to clients and consumers. Authenticity translates into transparency regarding expectations on quality, pricing and reliability. And those three elements, combined with trust, make up the top reasons for buying a brand – whether it be a product or professional service. 

However, according to research by Kantar in 2019, 36% of consumers generally dislike advertising and another 57% are neutral on it, demonstrating a distinct apathy for advertising. Conversely, Researchscape’s survey shows that television advertising is still the top resource for consumers to learn about new brands at 47%, followed closely by friends and family at 45% and the internet at 37%. So despite this apathy towards advertising, the messages are getting through – but is it the right message and is it getting through to the right people? 

The takeaway from all of this is the voice used to convey the brand and the media in which it’s placed should be as authentic as your product or service. Know your product and your audience; don’t oversell; don’t try to be something you’re not; find out what is distinctive about what you’re selling and how that differentiates your service or product from the rest of the market.