After the successful development of a new branding package for Diamond Realty Investments, Inc. (DRI) a division of Mitsubishi, the Agency was recommended to its affiliate company Diamond Realty Management America for the design and implementation of a corporate website to introduce the new firm to both US and Japanese investors seeking to invest in American real estate. (Of note, DRM America is the second agency referral from Diamond Realty Investments. The first referral was for CA Ventures of Chicago, one of their major developer/partners.)


  • Introduce newly established DRM America to Japanese and U.S. investors seeking to invest in U.S. real estate assets via an engaging new web presence.
  • Provide an immediate online web presence while a more comprehensive site can be developed.
  • Establish DRM America as the premier Asset Manager for U.S. real estate investments.
  • Leverage the financial strength and stability of the Mitsubishi family of companies to establish and promote DRM America as the source for maximizing U.S. real estate investment returns.
  • Clearly define DRM America’s role in the investment process (asset manager), while differentiating it from its Japanese counterparts (investment fund management).


With DRM America being a new entity and its executive team requiring an immediate web presence to which they can refer potential clients and partners, the Agency recommended the development of an expanded landing page while a full site is developed. Rather than delivering a typical landing page with basic information and a promise of more to come, the Agency’s landing page design provides insight into the DRM’s  philosophy, structure, mission, capabilities, investment offerings, and its robust team of affiliated companies.

M+A’s design solution incorporates the development a scrolling page of content, responsive to mobile, tablet, and desktop. The resulting ‘MiniSite’ features content anchors in a traditional UI navigation, giving users a familiar way to jump to each section of the site and delivering the illusion of a multipage website. The interface is further enhanced with horizontal parallax effects on the imagery, serving to break up the length of the scroll. More importantly, the site is programmed to resize each section of the site to the height of the user’s window, further enhancing the feel of a multipage environment.


DRM America was quite pleased with this timely and concise introduction to the Japanese and domestic real estate investment market. The Agency is looking forward to continuing their work with DRM America moving forward.