How to reach adults when multitasking now leads to a 31-hour day

According to recently released research*, multitasking leads to an incredible 31-hour day for the average American adult. With all of that time focused everywhere but on the product or service you’re selling, how do you effectively reach them?

Through technology and media.

Consider – Of those 31 hours, 12 are spent consuming tech and media. Only sleep, averaging 6.5 hours, even comes close.  And of those 12 hours, video is the primary vehicle, with audio a strong second.

However, if you don’t have the advertising budget of Coke or Budweiser, the challenge of reaching your target demographic through video can initially appear daunting. This being 2019, however, you can leverage tech to re-open doors once thought closed to smaller advertisers.

With millennials driving the rise in cord-cutters, live streaming services such as YouTube, Hulu and Sling TV provide new effective video advertising outlets. As an example, Hulu is inifinitely more affordable than traditional television, yet has a 12% greater brand recall and a 26% higher return on advertising expenditures.

Even traditional television offers some surprisingly affordable and effective options. Explore sports programming on cable networks. Sports continues to have the highest draws for television viewership – 77% – 80% for 25 – 64 year-old sports fans; and still high at 53% – 58% for non-sports fans.

And while audio may be secondary, its reach is still vast. Monthly podcast listening is projected to become a massive consumer behavior with its 86 million monthly listeners in 2018 projected to grow to 132 million in 2022.

Further, podcast ads read by the host are not only more approachable in terms of cost versus traditional radio ads, they’re much more credible. Podcast ad scripts read by a host have a brand of message recall and trust percentage of 18%, versus 10% and 11% for radio ads respectively.  As for content, business podcasts deliver the biggest lift in purchasing intent at 14%, followed by news and politics podcasts at 13%.

So with research supporting the effectiveness of video and audio reach, professional service firms, luxury residential developments and entry-level consumer products should reach out and explore their options with a reputable agency to make the most of 2019.

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