Meet the Affluencers. Better Yet, Sell Them.

Admit it. We spend a ton of time and money trying to target the Affluent, which by definition, represent the top 16% of the country’s adult households. And well we should.

The Affluent make the decisions to lease our office space, rent our apartments and buy our condos. They drive the finest cars, travel extensively and frequent the most luxurious hotels.

But these days, they aren’t the real target to reach.

A new, more powerful segment.
Affluencers are an emerging segment, with unmatched marketplace power.

According to Ipsos Group, a global market research firm, Affluencers spend 40% more than other Affluents in all categories. Moreover, their purchase advice is routinely sought by others. They wield great influence, and it’s spreading.

Affluencers are early adopters of products and behavior. They predict what everyone else will be doing next. Their influence spreads across a number of product categories. They should be at least a part of every marketing campaign.

Elusive. But not unreachable.
Affluencers (Median Age: 43, Media HHI $180k) and Ultra Affluencers (Median Age: 39; Median HHI $183k) are huge consumers of media. They spend more time on print and digital publications than the Affluent, and are the highest consumers of social media among all groups. They are engaged and receptive to messaging and they’re excellent advocates. 35% are in top management and they spend 40% more than the merely Affluent.

Effective strategies and tactics
To reach these Affluencers, explore both print and digital publications where your product or service can be positioned with ‘like’ demographics. 93% of Affluencers are open to new ideas and experiences, so add a category of experiential marketing to your plan. Make sure that experiential element targets that demographic accurately.

Digital—and (surprise)—print!
84% of Affluencers consume print publications and 72% consume social media. Digital editions of publications drop to 48%, so engage in print. It’s not dead – it’s just become more exclusive.

While product placement in traditional television and streaming media is still the strongest option, its cost can be prohibitive. Not so with social media and print placement. It can be highly effective, at a fraction of the expense.

Re-think. Re-strategize. Re-energize.
It’s time to re-strategize your marketing plan for 2019 to reach those who will positively impact your bottom-line: The Affluencers.

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