Research Cites Traditional Media Outperforms Digital


In an enlightening article in the Harvard Business Review [HBR], researchers compared the cost and effectiveness of different advertising mediums. They discovered that while digital advertising has dominated the media market for the past decade, it is now oversaturated, more costly, and difficult to track effectiveness. According to a separate HubSpot Survey, 57% of consumers surveyed disliked ads that played before a video and 43% didn’t even watch them.

Conversely, as digital media costs have risen, costs of traditional media (TV, radio and print) have fallen. Plus, with third-party cookies, which have allowed marketers to target, track, and customize the online experience, quickly being phased out, the exclusive use of digital media to reach sales and marketing goals has ceased to be the strategic answer.

With that being said, how should the audience of a marketing campaign be cost-effectively targeted, with the goal of garnering their attention and soliciting the desired response?

According to the HBR, the answer is not to abandon digital media altogether, but rather incorporate a strategic mix of traditional and digital media. And of course, the quality of the creative remains a key factor in engagement.

So when marketing a new real estate development or an entire portfolio, or looking to gain greater market share or engage new financial partners, look to newspapers, magazines, direct mail and radio advertising in addition to well-thought out digital channels.

The demise of traditional media has long been predicted. But according to a survey by Marketing Sherpa, the top five most trusted advertising formats currently are all traditional, with print occupying the top spot at 82%.

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